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Why you Should Consider Loop Closing

  • Lower Disposal and Hauling Costs: Loop Closing’s composting system cuts your dumpster/toter pull volume significantly, lowering your existing costs. 


  • Straightforward, Customer-Friendly Contracts: You won’t find difficult contracts with drastic escalator clauses at Loop Closing. Our goal is to save you money, not pad our pockets.   


  • Regulatory Compliance at a Lower Cost: Government mandates that food waste be diverted from landfills will go into effect shortly in Washington, DC and Maryland. Loop Closing brings you into compliance with these mandates and cuts your waste management costs at the same time. 


  • Eliminate Smell and Pest Issues: Composters eliminate the smell of rotting food waste sitting in dumpsters, which forces pests like rats and roaches look elsewhere for their next meal and makes your location much more pleasant for customers, staff, and neighbors. 


  • Maximize Your Food Waste’s Value: Your food waste has value, and not just to the people who charge you to haul it by the ton. Loop Closing turns your waste into an asset that saves you money and, at higher volumes, can be sold back to your farms and food producers. 


  • Sustainability Marketing: Loop Closing provides an easy way to adopt and promote sustainable business practices that will help attract today’s more socially conscious guests and customers. 


  • Reduced Groundskeeping Costs: You can use your produced compost on-site for groundskeeping! It’s the perfect replacement for soil amendments or mulch, and doesn’t need to be purchased or hauled.   


  • Increased Compost Capacity: Many businesses have tried to compost but been turned away from existing facilities due to lack of capacity. Loop Closing’s on-site composters solve this issue.   

Ready to realizE your food waste goals? 

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