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Baltimore’s First On-Site Food Waste Composting Machine: That we know of....

The pouring rain fogging the windows didn’t stop Pluvr’s Max Van Praag from expertly slinging the trailer into tight positions, graciously using his vehicle to move the composting machine.

DC Central Kitchen & THEARC staff helped us load it. After wading through Noah’s Ark-sized puddles covering the interstate, Baltimore City Department of Public Works' Malcolm House staff helped us unload. Teamwork makes the dream work with 30-second loading and unloading sessions. This will expand Malcolm House's composting of food after first reusing all that was fit for consumption and distributed to the community that needs it. The Institute for Local Self Reliance supported by NRDC funded an instruction and data collection guide for composting here and at various sites. If you want to attend the unpacking and initial training session to see how this on-site food waste composting machine operates with the guide and data system on Wednesday, 31 March from 10- 11:30am, contact us here.


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