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We are excited to announce that Bethesda Green has selected us to receive a $10,000 financial award! We are honored to be a part of a cohort of four mission-aligned companies chosen that participated in its 2021 Innovation Lab Accelerator. Read more about Bethesda Green and the award here.

We have been involved with Bethesda Green since early this year. Their Innovation Lab provided highly professional support from the curriculum and team of assigned mentors. At and between bi-weekly meetings, the selectively matched mentors provide thoughtful and rigorous insights propelling Loop Closing to best meet its vision and mission. We’re a much better company from our experience in the Accelerator.

Further, Bethesda Green Innovation Lab opened doors and access to clients and partners in Maryland that we have been trying to access for 3 years. After our Welcome Aboard presentation, several offices we had been asking for an audience with were instead contacting us requesting a meeting. BG leadership has helped arrange additional meetings and remains involved in the discussions, joining the calls and discussing strategies for moving forward at each step.

Thank you, @BethesdaGreen, for your continued support! Despite the pandemic, you have enabled us to grow in ways we never thought possible this year!


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