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Loop Closing partners with the NRDC, facilitating work with DC DPR

Loop Closing is proud to announce our partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Center (NRDC) to update the guidance and data collection system for DC's Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) Community Compost Cooperative. The NRDC is an international environmental non-profit group with headquarters all over the globe. Their priorities are vast and include food safety, pollution control, livestock production, climate change, healthy eating, and food waste. Through research, the NRDC has determined ways to end harmful food waste and modify the endpoint for the types of foods going to waste. So instead of endlessly feeding landfills, they will meet the needs of those living in hunger.

Loop Closing has had a close relationship with the DPR for many years through its relationship with Josh Singer, DPR's Community Garden Specialists. DPR was one of Loop Closing's first partners and then clients starting in 2015 making a model community compost cooperative site at Howard University, then providing composting training city-wide and starting DPR's composting guidance and data system. We aim to solve DC's growing food waste problems together supporting local self-agency.


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