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Loop Closing Presents at 2020 Global Philanthropy Forum

Last week, Loop Closing Founder, Jeffrey Neal spoke about the urgent need to better manage our food waste at the 2020 Global Philanthropy Forum; Facing the Future: A Changing Climate in a Changing World

Presenting during the working group on Inclusive Green Economies: Promoting Sustainability in Waste Management, Neal emphasized the urgent need to reimagine how we all dispose of our food waste, which emits potent greenhouse gases. Currently, over 40 percent of all food in the United States ends up in landfills and accelerates climate change.

The panel also highlighted the challenge of providing people with a way to incorporate these practices into their daily lives, particularly for those in low-income communities, a cornerstone of Loop Closing's mission.

If your organization or business is looking to better manage food waste, reduce your emissions, and support a veteran-owned D.C. business, please email We are excited to tailor your food waste needs and reduce your impact on the planet.


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