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Synergistic Partners!

We are proud to announce that Loop Closing’s first Virginia-based client is a business that shares our values. 4P Foods has a greater purpose, taking care of people both as employees and community members, are thoughtful stewards of the planet, and ensure prosperity for all living beings, especially those disproportionately left behind by our societal practices. 4P Foods is more than just a food delivery enterprise; they provide healthy and seasonal products ethically and sustainably sourced from local and regional family farms and artisans. Their mission is “to build a better food system in which farmers can thrive, while also ensuring that all people—regardless of income, race, or zip code—have equitable access to healthy food.” We could not be more thrilled to partner with 4P Foods!

We recently installed a mechanized composting machine at their Warrenton, Virginia warehouse, where they track approximately 300 lbs of food waste per week. The 4P team is enthusiastic to divert their unusable food scraps in this sustainable way. In addition, they are enabling the return of the compost to the sustainable farmers who provide the produce for their food distribution service.

4P Foods chose a composting solution for their food waste - an issue that concerned them greatly.

Do you need help with your food waste concerns?

Loop Closing helps hospitality, academic, grocery, and commercial foodservice customers recover their portion of the $11 billion Americans spend on food waste disposal every year through a circular, on-site composting solution that replaces dumpsters and hauling. Let us help you find your foodwaste solution!


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